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Watches Beyond Time: A Visual Tour of My Watch Collection

What is it all about?

Since ~7 years, I've found myself falling in love with something special: wristwatches. Right now I have 6 watches in my collection, and I enjoy wearing each one of them. Three of them are perfect for everyday wear and the other three are different – they're vintage watches, which means they were made a long time ago.

Some people might not understand why buying more when you already have 1 or 2 watches. They might think it's just waste of money. Sometimes, I wish I could see it that way too. I totally agree with Kevin O'Leary when he says, "Watch collecting is a horrible disease, it's a virus. Once you are cursed with it, your life is miserable.". Once you dive into the world of watches, they become more than just time tellers. It's about the amazing work that goes into making them. It's about the tiny pieces inside that all work together to keep time ticking. And for vintage watches, wearing them is like feeling a connection to the past. I think about all the people who might have worn them before me. Who was the first person to wear this watch? And when I look at the gears and parts inside, it's incredible to think they've been working for so many years. Some of the vintage watches haven't been serviced, yet they still work. It's like wearing a piece of history on my wrist. It makes me wonder about the stories these watches could tell if they could talk. For me it's hard to put into words, but watches hold something special that goes beyond just telling time. Specially the vintage ones, they hold a piece of history that can carry with you every day.

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