Real Life TO-DOs

A to-do list that includes some of the things that I promised myself I will do before the age of 55.

  • Write a book and publish that with multiple languages on multiple countries.
  • Visit the Giza pyramids.
  • Buy tickets for a big boxing challenge and go watch it live.
  • Start writing articles.
  • Build your own company and become a global competition.
  • Get a Central Asia tour.
  • Visit Ss. Cyril and Methodism Cathedral church.
  • Get friends from other nationalities and many countries.
  • Witness the northern lights.
  • Help(economically) to African people for at least 3 water wells.
  • Visit Muhammad Ali’s cemetery.
  • Start collecting antique watches.
  • Visit Mecca.
  • Contribute to the source of the Linux kernel.